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Everything you need to know about

Saint Berdoodles! 

The hybrid that crosses the St. Bernard with the Standard Poodle!


Robb with our own Saint Berdoodle Champ

He is an F1 hybrid born to a Saint Bernard mother and a Standard Poodle father.


But this is how they start out! 

8 week old puppy

 Collar from Bigpaw Designs!



~ added to our family October 2013 ~

from Larry & Delores Boals' Saint Berdoodle Haven

  dam: Bella (AKC Saint Bernard)  & sire: Chabo (AKC Standard Poodle)


"Hi Mom"


Tessa is 24 pounds at 12 weeks (10/21/13)! 

She is now a healthy 62# at 7 months!

Tessa will be bred with Champ to produce

F2 hybrid Saint Berdoodles in 2015!

We plan our litters 3-4 years in advance!


Pepper Potts & Champ Best Friends    



  A little about our Saint Berdoodles (SBDs)

The St. Berdoodle is a hybrid of the Saint Bernard and Standard Poodle.  We are proud owners of our own St. Berdoodles ~ Champion Giant's Pawsway ("Champ") and Giant's Pawsway's Tessa ("Tessa").  We truly believe that the St. Berdoodle is the ideal family dog for those that love BIG dogs and prefer a low/no shedding coat.  They are categorized F1 by the hybrid standards.  (50% Saint Bernard & 50% Standard Poodle)  Their pups will be F2 hybrids.  As you can see they come in a variety of colors! 



We also own a female AKC Saint Bernard


130 pounds of love <3


Clover watching Duck Dynasty!



The most important thing about the SBD is their temperament.  Your Saint Berdoodle will be the best companion dog you have ever had!

Here is Baron from our 2012 litter with his "mom".


A boy & his SBD puppy!

(unless you are super-active and looking for a running partner, scared of big dogs or want an outside ONLY dog)

CHAMP giving our neighbor a ride!

...and when it's over...he just has a seat.

The St. Berdoodle is a perfect family pet! They are consistently great with children.  They have a gentle protective nature and make for a loving playmate or just a seat rest so you can lie back and enjoy a book.  ;) 

They enjoy the company of their master as well as being independent.

They are wonderful with children as seen by this adorable picture of Zoey and her BFF!

The most important thing to us as a breeder is that the new owners are able to invest in the dog making the relationship one of loyalty, trust and mutual happiness. 

"Tessie Bear" now resides on the East Coast with her forever family!

A Female from our Fall 2012 litter just at over 6lbs @ 8 weeks

Here she is at 9 months!


Our Journey to Discovery

We originally happened upon this hybrid because Robb wanted a NEWFOUNDLAND and I did not want the mess!  We loved the labradoodle look but wanted a bigger dog and sure enough we found a breeder of Saint Berdoodles.  She (the breeder we bought Champ from) retired and now there is a handful of Saint Berdoodle Breeders that are dedicated to breeding this awesome hybrid. 

Size does matter!  Lighter framed pups will lean towards the poodle body type and the broader heavier framed pups will lean towards the Saint Bernard body type.  Both types are beautiful and will be a wonderful family dog for those looking to avoid heavy shedding. 

Saint Berdoodle puppy coats will vary in color and texture.  We have had black, white, blond, black and white splash coats, brindle and white splash coats, copper and even cinnamon! If you are looking for a very low shedding doodle go with a more curly coarse coat.  Keep in mind the curly coats will have to be diligently groomed to avoid matting.  The straighter wavy coats will be easier to groom and you will still have low shedding (it will be more like cotton balls under the couch than hair on your cloths and furniture).  *** You must have the SBDs ears plucked every 8 weeks by the groomer or learn to pluck them yourself from your vet.***

Here is a  beautiful straight coat little girl that wound up being a moderate seasonal shedder.  She inherited the Saint/Saint gene in her doodle parents.  

One week old straight (Saint-like) coat

Same F2 (2nd generation hybrid) @ 6 months


Here is another Straight Coat SBD.  He was Solid Black & White as a pup.

We had our curliest coated puppy go to a highly allergic (as in anaphylactic) family and the mother DID need to see an allergist.  BUT the puppy (well 67# six month old) is not shedding AT ALL so the family is finally able to have a dog after many failed attempts.

Our Star Saint Berdoodle "Zoey"

     Here is a wonderful pic sent by her new owners...they do grow up fast!



Bay has a wavy coat and does not shed and is easy to brush through.  She never gets matted. Champ's coat is more curly and requires grooming every 4-6 weeks and also does not shed.  He does get matted if we are not diligent behind the ears!

Zoey (owned by Eli) in her elegant resting pose!  Such a model ~ even when she's tired!


We keep our SBDs face and ears shaved very short.  This avoids a slobbery mouth after drinking water and seems to avoid ear infections. They come in a variety of colors depending on the colors in the Poodle pedigree.  Pepper has white, black and chocolate poodles in her line.  Her dad is Smooth Coat Saint Bernard.  Champ's mom was a Rough Coat Saint and his dad is a Parti Poodle. 

When buying a Saint Berdoodle be sure to trace the "pedigree" and ask for references.  The Saint Berdoodle market has been heavily infiltrated with "doodles' from Canine Creations in Missouri.  Make sure that your Saint Berdoodle puppy has parents from separate lines.  Our own Champ is from Canine Creations in Nevada, Missouri.

** These pups get BIG pretty quickly.  A good training program is worth it's weight in gold! **


                Here is Scooby graduating from puppy college!

              (happily living on the East Coast with his forever family)

        St. Berdoodle "Champ" at 2 years old.  Look at that big head!




 Our 90# lap dog Pepper!  

We lost Pepper Potts in December 2012 due to an injury.  

She tore the ACL in both her hind legs after jumping a fence. 

Due to her size and the extent of the damage repair was not an option.  

She will always be missed.  

Check out our favorite website for Designer Collars owned by the best Saint Bernard Breeder 
A must have for these gentle giants!
All our puppies come one with one of these adorable collars made custom for them!

We have plenty of references available and are still in contact with many of our puppy owners!  Some have even become great friends!  We look forward to having a supportive relationship with each puppy owner for the duration of the life of the puppy.   











What do you get when you cross a Saint Bernard with a Standard Poodle?

~ A Saint Berdoodle~

What does that mean?  They are sweet, lovable, unique, attentive, intelligent, lazy, loyal, people-loving, 90-130# lap dogs!